Rhonda Lee Pottery

art you can use


1. How do I use this site?

On your computer, at the top of each page is the logo, click on the page you want to see at the top and scroll down to see the page.  The logo appears at the top of each page so you will want to scroll down past that to see page.  

On a mobile device the logo does not show -you can scroll down to whatever you want to see.  

2. How do I make a purchase?

click on shop to see items for sale

select the item you want to know more about-there is a description or you can call Rhonda directly at 707-758-7681 or email to:  rhondadlee@comcast.net to ask questions etc

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3.  Is Rhonda Lee Pottery safe to cook in and eat from?

Yes, Rhonda’s tagline is “art you can use.” The clay body she uses is a mid range stoneware which has been fired to around 2200 degrees F.  Rhonda makes all her glazes herself, insuring they are lead-free, dishwasher/microwave/oven safe.  Rhonda Lee Pottery is very versatile.  It is food safe and decorative as well.  She does not recommend you put her pottery directly on a stove top burner, (heat only in one spot)  but inside the oven or microwave is fine (even heat around the whole pot is safer).  In the dishwasher just make sure it will not hit against something during the wash.

4.   How is shipping calculated?

That depends on how much the final packed box weighs.  Rhonda carefully packs each order herself following the carrier’s guidelines and often uses recycled packing materials (respecting the environment and passing the savings on to you).  It will be what the website states upon checkout, unless there is a huge difference in which case she will notify you and discuss before shipping.  

5.  How long will it take to get my order?

Rhonda will ship your order within 3 days.  If you need it rushed please call her to discuss options at 707-758-7681

6.  Can I order something customized with names on it etc. or something special just for me that is not on the website or on her Etsy shop  www.etsy.com/shop/rhondaleepottery ?  Please keep in mind that custom orders take longer and weather and season play into the time frame as well.  Generally it takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Yes, you should call or email Rhonda at:   707-758-7681  rhondadlee@comcast.net  to discuss particulars.  She will let you know a time frame and price at that time.  If she cannot make your item she will tell you at that time.

7.  If I want to see more angles and pictures of a particular item or get more details, what should I do?

Call Rhonda at 707-758-7681 any time (leave a message cause she may be out in her studio working)  or email her at rhondadlee@comcast.net    She will be happy to send you more pictures or speak to you if you have any further questions.  

8.  Is Rhonda Lee Pottery handmade?

Yes, every item is created by Rhonda from start to finish.  She has a pug mill in which she mixes her clay and recycles clay scraps. Her work is both wheel thrown or hand built with care and attention.  Rhonda loves her work as a potter and doesn’t really think of it as work most of the time because she really enjoys all aspects of her process.