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Website inventory update

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Ok, I have been putting it off long enough. I am working on putting new pots on my website and on Etsy. I select these pots as some of my best and most recent (I always seem to think my latest stuff is the best so far.)

it is a tedious job. First the selection, then picture taking, various angles highlighted. Then actually listing it, with text and great features, acknowledging it is hand made and one of a kind. Sometimes I envy people who make just one thing. But then that would be so boring. …..

So I keep plugging away until I finallly have new pots on the net. Then I have a show or a customer stops by and you guessed it they want that pot. No problem I say I just need to delete it from my site ior Etsy.

This is all part of being a studio artist. You do most everything yourself-including updating your website and Etsy.

But, I would rather just make pots.😊


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Recently, I completed a project of dinnerware for a young couple locally. They waited for nearly 6 months for the finished product, but they were well pleased in the end. I made samples and made sure they approved of the glazes and designs. Then I set about making each piece of their set of 12-which included: 12 large dinner plates, 12 salad plates, 8 larger bowls, and 8 regular size bowls. The chose two different glaze patterns which were placed respectively on half the items. The finished set is truly one of a kind and will be a used, I hope daily in their new home. This was a great project and I feel quite a sense of accomplishment is finishing it.

Friends, mugs, orders taken and shipped

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Great day! Facebook messaging with a friend from high school back in Iowa. She wanted to see if she could get a wedding gift of pottery. I searched through my stock of boxes of pots and found about a dozen choices. I snapped pics with the tape measure and waited for her response. A few minutes later she had decided on a set of 4 plates and a nice bowl.

Next on the agenda was prep in the studio for another friend's bday wish- trying her hand at throwing on the wheel.  She arrived and got her lesson.  I fixed a lunch of bone broth(from my freezer-made it myself) and a colorful healthy salad.

after she was on her way I packed the order and got it weighed. I then checked the post office website to see which way was least expensive- shipping it in 2 boxes or 1. Packing for shipping calls for me to go through my stash of recycled boxes, measuring, using cut cardboard to separate each item and padding of egg cartons, bubble wrap and anything else I have saved that works for the package to keep contents safe.

i printed out the label and paid with credit card. Looking out my door I can just barely see if the mail man is there filling all the neighborhood mailboxes. If so, I can hand him the box and it is on it's way. I was lucky and there he was.

Then, I could start trimming my  mugs made yesterday. Got them trimmed and pulled handles and attached them.

This was a nice day and rather typical of a regular day for me. Busy but not overwhelming. 



Art at the Source preparation

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I am getting ready for Art at the Source.  It is an open studio event for western Sonoma County-June 3,4, 10, and 11th. It always seems I never have enough made no matter how hard I work.  At least that is how I feel before things like this.  I threw some medium size bowls and a few salsa bowls yesterday and just now trimmed them.  This is the perfect weather for my cycles.  I throw one day and trim the next-allowing for just the right amount of drying between. My favorite part of the process is handling and even smelling the leather hard clay.  Something about the feel and look attracts me.  

you tube video

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I made my first you tube video.  Please take a look.  I used one of my Instagram videos and added music.  Go to     https://youtu.be/J5vj_kPxNbI  or on you tube find "Rhonda Lee Pottery-Incising."

unloading the kiln

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It is always a surprise when I unload a glaze load in my kiln.  I am anxious, no matter what is in there-that it turned out the way I wanted or better!  One never truly knows until the lid is cracked open.  I peaked in today as the temperature registered 675 F.  One is not really supposed to open the lid until it reaches around 400 degrees F, but I often cheat a bit just because I cannot wait.  After so many years of doing this I suppose I can get away with a few things now can't I?

The plates and bowls turned out great-but the color of the bowls is not exactly what the customer ordered.  I actually like these better, but I am not sure if they will.  So, I can redo them if necessary.  I also took the liberty of incising around the top edge...sometimes I do those kinds of things just because it seems like it should be done.  Anyway, if I need to I will redo them. Pictured below are the small bowls.