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Glaze and load kilnToday

Rhonda Lee

Today, I was able to glaze all the small plates and small bowls I am making for Flower + Bone Restaurant, in Santa Rosa, CA.  They ordered 20 of each and I have a few extras which I usually make "just in case".  I incised around the top rim of each plate and then decided to do the same  to the bowls.  It just seemed to work.  I used one glaze over another to attempt to get close to the color they chose for the bowls.  The plates are glazed from a nice off white with a delicious texture which is smooth to the touch but not shiny.  I made that glaze when I was trying to find a nice white for them last fall for the beer glasses with the thumb hold.  It turned out to be one of my favorites and is very versatile over and under other glazes with my wax resist technique so I have added it to my selection and it has created a host of possibilities for future use.  The best ideas often are sparked by customers.