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unloading the kiln

Rhonda Lee

It is always a surprise when I unload a glaze load in my kiln.  I am anxious, no matter what is in there-that it turned out the way I wanted or better!  One never truly knows until the lid is cracked open.  I peaked in today as the temperature registered 675 F.  One is not really supposed to open the lid until it reaches around 400 degrees F, but I often cheat a bit just because I cannot wait.  After so many years of doing this I suppose I can get away with a few things now can't I?

The plates and bowls turned out great-but the color of the bowls is not exactly what the customer ordered.  I actually like these better, but I am not sure if they will.  So, I can redo them if necessary.  I also took the liberty of incising around the top edge...sometimes I do those kinds of things just because it seems like it should be done.  Anyway, if I need to I will redo them. Pictured below are the small bowls.