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Fermentation Crocks

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I am interested in being and staying healthy and much of my life revolves around food.  My work as a potter focuses on making pots that usually relate to food in some way.  I make casseroles to cook in, dinnerware to eat upon, and pots in which to serve food.  

A while back, I was at a local food festival, and I met a potter who was making fermentation crocks.  I was excited because I was becoming really interested in fermented foods and their benefits. He explained the various features and the reasons behind them.  I had been wanting to try making some sauerkraut so I was inspired to make some fermentation crocks.  

I decided to make two to start and ended up giving one to a friend and keeping one.  I have used that pot monthly ever since.  I made it smaller than many you see (1.5 quart), in order to allow someone like me, who just needs a smaller batch, or wants to experiment before going whole hog, to do so.  

These fermentation crocks feature a water seal lid (to keep the oxygen out and the environment anaerobic) and a small hole at the bottom of the lid to allow gases to escape during the fermentation process.  You can see 3 examples on my website:  www.artyoucanuse.com or my Etsy shop:  etsy.com/shop/rhondaleepottery