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Website inventory update

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Ok, I have been putting it off long enough. I am working on putting new pots on my website and on Etsy. I select these pots as some of my best and most recent (I always seem to think my latest stuff is the best so far.)

it is a tedious job. First the selection, then picture taking, various angles highlighted. Then actually listing it, with text and great features, acknowledging it is hand made and one of a kind. Sometimes I envy people who make just one thing. But then that would be so boring. …..

So I keep plugging away until I finallly have new pots on the net. Then I have a show or a customer stops by and you guessed it they want that pot. No problem I say I just need to delete it from my site ior Etsy.

This is all part of being a studio artist. You do most everything yourself-including updating your website and Etsy.

But, I would rather just make pots.😊