Rhonda Lee Pottery

art you can use

I suppose part of my love for the earth came from my upbringing on a mid-western farm. I enjoy the smell of clay and how it feels when I throw a pot or hand build one. I become one with the object of my attention so it is a sort of meditation for me to work with clay.
— Rhonda Lee

The Inspiration

Growing up in the Midwest on a farm has implanted versatility, practicality as well as creativity.  I watched rows of crops being planted and grow to harvest. I learned that sometimes you just need to wait. I saw the cycles of life in plants and animals as the seasons passed.  

This rhythm carries over into my life as a potter as I wedge clay, figure the timing needed for sequences and throw pots, wait for pots to air dry, adjusting to shrinkage, bisque and finally glaze firing.  

The Idea

I love to make things with my hands and all the physical work which goes into being a potter-from mixing up clay to hauling my finished pieces to shows to sell.  I make things for everyday use which I hope folks enjoy using as much as I love creating.  Excitement fills the air as the pots are about to emerge from my kiln. 

I still get butterflies before I crack the lid open on a new firing.  I am grateful I know how to make pots and am able to do work I love.

100% Handmade

When I enter my studio I usually have a problem to solve.  Much of being an artist is built around this concept.  My work as a potter combines form and function.  

“Art you can use” is my tagline.   I love that about my work because it challenges me to make pots which are both decorative and useful-functioning well at the same time.